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    The Face is your Book of Life

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    We hide behind our facial expressions

    yet our face reveals everything
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    The Language of Communication

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    You Can Know Face Reading

    Just With Us

About Us


Welcome to the life changing world of face reading. Every face is unique and as individual as the owner’s personality and character. It reflects health, character and your soul. Faces speak volumes. The knowledge of face reading enables you to understand the different signs of a face.
you can recognize a person’s character, the strengths and talents and even thoughts, true emotions, life’s vocation and destiny can be revealed by a face.


Personlogy is as old as mankind, sensory diagnosis tools, such as listening, touching and smell, were used in conjunction with other methods to determine diseases and cures long before modern science became available to physicians and professionals involved in modern medicine.


The intrinsic value is the strength of the Academy’s science in all aspects of its educational activities, learning outcomes and support services.


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